Rawan Khoury

Rawan Khoury

Innovation Lead

Rawan has more than 8 years of extensive work within the Jordanian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Before joining Arab Bank Rawan was the CEO of and was a Co-founder of “The Warehouse” the first Startup Studio in Jordan.
Previously, Rawan was a founding member of Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) the main hub for entrepreneurship that started back in 2014, a journey that focused on taking ideas to self-sustaining businesses, on top of connecting them to local and international funds, venture capitals, educational institutions, incubators and accelerators through managing a large network of strategic partners and alliances.
Rawan holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan. Rawan brings with her passion, innovation, and an inquisitive mind that will aid in transforming businesses to the better. She is determined and focused on making positive change happen.
When do you feel most present?

In the tennis court

Favorite Quote

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation"

Favorite Experience

Driving a glider